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Welcome to the Greater Dallas Bicyclists
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GDB Fall Fiesta

Sunday, October 11, 2015
9 AM to 2 PM
The Stone Tables at White Rock Lake
550 East Lawther Drive, Dallas 75218
RSVP: Online only. RSVP required if you want to have lunch!

On October 11th, we’ll be hosting the GDB Club Fall Fiesta bicycle rides and picnic!

The event will be held at the Stone Tables area at White Rock Lake….easy to find, plenty of parking now that they have (sort of..) redone the area:
Our reservation is from 9am until 2pm. The rides will start promptly at 9am, and we’ll wrap up the party/meeting/lunch/door prizes around 1:30pm. Lunch will be served about 11:45, after the rides.
Back by popular demand: The Fall Fiesta Dessert Contest! There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place desserts. 
If you want a vegan burger, please email Mike Eipper at
Cost for GDB Members: Free

Cost for Non-Members: $10


A Head's Up If You Ride at White Rock Lake

This was posted on the GDB forum by one of our members and the Board agreed it would be a useful item to post on the front page.
I lead a ride at White Rock Lake every Thursday morning. This week a female Dallas police officer on her bike stopped and asked us if we were with the group that races around the lake in the mornings. We are not. She said that a complaint had made its way to Chief Brown about them - running stop signs, cutting people off, not announcing themselves, and generally riding dangerously in a fast pack.
The officer said that DPD would have to start ticketing cyclists again at stop signs if the word did not get out to obey the rules and ride safely. Her job would then change to one in which she has to sit at a stop sign all day and give tickets, which she was not happy about. She also said that we do NOT have to put a foot down at stop signs, just slow down, look both ways, and give right of way when it is warranted. She asked us to spread the word.

Changes in the Best of the Southwest Bike Rides

Joe Rohner and I are changing schedule for the Best of the Southwest and Best of the Northwest weekly rides. The start locations will be reduced to two: Joe Poole Lake (Lynn Creek Marina) and Grapevine (Outdoor World parking lot). These two locations will be alternated each week. They are conveniently located and offer the potential for a variety of routes with some weather protections.
Four months of the year have a 5th Saturday which will be the Ride Leader's Choice ride. Joe and I will try to get feedback from our riders as to preferences and make plans accordingly. If you have a route preference that you would like to lead, let us know.
I think we have the best routes in the GDB. Please visit the Event Calendar and join us for one of our rides to see for yourself! Your feedback is welcome.
Horace Duncan

Lancaster Country Ride on April 11, 2015

Thanks for a great bike rally!

It was a great day of cycling at the Lancaster Country Ride on Saturday. Thanks to everyone who came out and participated. The rally was a big success. We had 1,203 riders, great weather, great wildflowers and (most importantly) great volunteers. A huge THANK YOU to each and every one of our volunteers for making it happen!  Without all that teamwork this rally wouldn't happen.

We love feedback to help to make next year even better. Please send me an email with your comments and suggestions.
Thanks again,

Brenda Barnell
Rally Director
Here is a photo album courtesy of Pak Meng Cham.
Lancaster Country Ride 2015


The Greater Dallas Bicyclists Gives Back to Local Communities

The Greater Dallas Bicyclists has given over $8,000 to support local charities and organizations. Thanks to our member volunteers who work so hard on the annual Lancaster Rally for allowing the club to give back to our communities and put on one of the best bicycle rallies in Texas.

To learn more about how you can volunteer, contact Steve at

The City of Lancaster


The Town of Palmer


The Town of Ferris


Family Gateway Dallas




GDB Holiday Party PhotosClick Here


GDB Lake Murray Weekend Photos

People have posted photos from the GDB Lake Murray trip on Oct. 11-12th. Many thanks to David Rothgeb and Steve Krogh for organizing a fun weekend getaway!



GDB Ride Rules Reminder

  • No earbuds or headphones (music or phone) and no boom boxes (but bring all the conversation you want!)
  • No use of cellphones while riding (please pull off and stop to take or make a call)
  • Use common sense if you have aerobars - please don't use them while in tight formations on group rides
  • Helmets must be worn on all GDB rides

A Note About Membership

The Greater Dallas Bicyclists (GDB) Board of Directors want to emphasize the value and importance of a current membership in GDB. Membership is $20 a year or $36 for two years. When one considers staying current on the forum to keep up with ride changes and impromptu gatherings, two annual picnics and a holiday party, our hosting the annual Super Bowl Sunday ride to the West End for riders of all the area clubs, and our major event of the year, the annual Lancaster Country Ride -- the value of a $20 membership is clear.
Why is membership important? As hard as we work at safety and remaining vigilant for hazards, we still need all riders to have signed a waiver before riding in our group rides or attending our events.
How is that done? Are there folks walking around with clipboards and waiver forms? Do we sort, file and store these forms? No, it’s done in the membership sign-up process. Without the waivers, we could not function as a club.
If you’ve been thinking of joining or if your membership has lapsed and you’ve been putting off renewal, or you know someone who has, do us all the favor of renewing today. Just click on the JOIN GDB link above and join or renew today.

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